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Los Angeles, CA | Austin, TX -  Voice & Data Network Cabling, Wiring & Fiber Optic Installation

Newcom... Los Angeles' Premiere Network Cabling & Wiring team of skilled experts that can fulfill all aspects of network engineering ranging from system design and construction to staff augmentation and cable installation in Los Angeles, voice/data network wiring installation using Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat6 and fiber optic installation, termination, certification and testing. We will ensure quality control throughout the process and strive to exceed your expectations each step of the way.

Whether you're planning a new low voltage data or voice installation or upgrades to your existing structured cabling system; Newcom has you covered. As a single source provider of integrated low voltage cabling infrastructure solutions for businesses large and small, Newcom offers a whole range of low voltage voice and data cabling products and services.

The world as we know it is changing before our very eyes, the way we work, the way we play, the way we do business and the way we communicate. With technologies rapidly changing you must choose a network cabling company to help you anticipate future needs of the company. With a low voltage structured cable system your cabling adapts to you as your needs change; as they always do.

You decide at the time of installation what ports will be voice and what ports will be data and when the needs of your company changes you will have the ability to change the design of your network by simply moving patch chords. No longer will you have dedicated data and voice system, your system will adapt to your needs. With just a move of a patch cable within seconds your once data port becomes a voice port. Don't be limited by a dedicated low voltage ethernet cable system.

Newcom is professionally experienced cable installation company providing cabling for Data and Voice. Newcom provides a complete Data and Voice cabling which includes:

  • Install all low voltage wire, cable, and fiber for Voice, Data Centers, LANS, and Wireless Access Points.
  • Twenty year warranty available for data and voice installation projects.
  • Major manufacturer products from Corning fiber, Berk-Tex/Ortronics and Leviton and others.
  • Free site survey to determine materials and labor requirements.
  • Full time project managers.
  • Data Network Wiring & Cabling
  • Cat 5e, Cat 6, Optical Fiber Installation
  • Wire Management
  • Patch Panel Termination
  • Testing
  • Certification

Data Network Wiring

Cat 5e, Cat 6, Fiber Optic, Wire Management, Patch Panel Termination, Testing, Certification and 25 Year Factory Backed System Warranty. We also offer Los Angeles fiber optics installation including flexible innerduct, rigid inner duct and corrugated tubing.

Voice Network Wiring & System Sales

Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 6, Telecommunications, Wiring Block Termination, Testing, Voice over IP (VoIP), Hosted Voice Solutions, Commercial Phone System Sales, Installation and Maintenance. Multi-mode optical fiber (multimode fiber or MM fiber or fibre) is a type of optical fiber mostly used for communication over shorter distances, such as within a building or on a campus. Multi-mode fibers support applications from 10 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s over link lengths of up to 550 meters, more than sufficient for the majority of premises applications.

Audio/Video Network Wiring & System Sales

Whole house/Office Audio & Video Distribution.
Imagine having hi-fi music in every room of your home with nothing more than an elegant Wall Mounted Keypad and virtually invisible in-wall or in-ceiling Speakers showing. This is the dream system of interior decorators and is typically only found in multi-million dollar homes. We can show you how this can be done in your home with your existing equipment and at a reasonable cost.

Whole house audio/video refers to a centralized audio/video system that pipes music and video/cable signals throughout the home. Because the system is centralized, the only components present in each room are speakers and TV screens. Control of the system is made through a handheld remote or wall mounted control panels. The centralized components can either be hidden away in a closet, or if you prefer, mounted in an impressive Rack System array in your living room. (Some systems may have additional VCRs and CD players located locally in various rooms for convenience. If correctly configured, these VCRs and CD players can be viewed or listened to in the room they are located as well as any other room.)

Field Testing

Fiber Optic
3rd Party Testing

Additional Cabling & Phone System Services

Maintenance Agreements
Review Of Current Systems
Quote Evaluations On Current Sales Quotes From Third Party Vendors

We offer structured cabling solutions to Los Angeles/Orange County and surrounding areas, including Orange County data cable installation and Orange County business phone system installation.

We offer structured cabling solutions to Orange County and surrounding areas, including Orange County data cable installation and Orange County business phone system installation.

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Managed IT Services Company

Let AIM managed IT services company take care of essential, time-consuming tasks that include network monitoring, routine administration, security updates, remote and on-site reactive support, help desk—all with guaranteed service levels, and at low flat rates.

Find out how our managed service provider programs help you gain control of your network and your budget.

Zero Capital Cloud Services

A Private Cloud enables you to leverage state-of-the-art, highly secure managed data without tying up capital in facilities, servers and other technology.

Extend Your Team with the Smartest People

Smart and talented people are our thing.  You’re already aware that the U.S.  is  home to the friendliest and smartest people on earth. Pair that with truly talented individuals who know their stuff and you have your extended dream team..

One Low, Fixed, Predictable Cost

Finally, a single source for companies to manage, protect, and scale IT services at a low fixed price.    We are different.  One cost does it all.  Support, Network management, Security, and much more.  No hidden costs.  No extra fees.  Just the smartest people on the planet supporting your business.

Grow without CAPEX

Growth is great, but growing up or down can create challenges on resources and finances.  Eliminate tough choices on expansion by leveraging outsourced IT services that scale without CAPEX investments.   Free up resources for operations, sales, and marketing without the need for CAPEX investments.

Reduce Labor Costs:

Labor for most is the largest organizational expense.  Cutting labor costs is the quickest way to positively impact your bottom line.   The average IT outsourcing client reduces labor by 42%+

Outsourcing IT services with AIM reduces labor costs without undermining quality and productivity.   We use the latest technology, tools and services to keep your organization ahead of changing technology, while immediately adding bottom line profits

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